Food Heritage

Melton’s Food Heritage

Melton Mowbray is uniquely famous for two European Heritage food products; Melton Mowbray Pork Pies and Stilton Cheese both of which are now protected under European and UK laws.  But Melton Mowbray isn’t just about pies and cheese, there are a number of other foods and drink for which the area is justly famous.

During the Royal Weekend, the Royal Fair will provide visitors with an opportunity to buy the best in food and drink that the Melton Area has to offer.

There will also be a competition amongst restaurants and cafes for a meal on their menu which will be called “A Meal Fit for a King”. Likewise bakeries and similar will compete for a similar title eg “A Pie Fit for a King” etc.

The Livestock Market will host a Rare Breeds Show featuring breeds of historic importance to the Melton Area.

The Museum of Food will be reassembled to feature a replica meal from each period of Melton’s history.